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F i n e  A b s t r a c t  A r t

Artist Statement

The action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.”
To search into or travel in for the purpose of discovery.”

For me Art is exploration. Art is the vehicle which allows me to take a journey of discovery, imagining what is possible.

My inspiration comes from the idea of exploring familiar materials juxtaposed in unfamiliar ways. In producing my work I experiment with wood, metal, hardware, paint and digital photography. I like the fact that art takes on many forms, where I am not confined to any one medium.

My background and training is in Design. I have Bachelor degrees in Design and Architecture. My purpose in Design is to create works that are evocative, to stir the emotions.

Causing the viewer to pause and reflect, whether in praise or criticism, is the best compliment bestowed upon an artist.
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